Puppetry is a great art form used to entertain children and convey relevant message to mass audience. Puppetry is believed to have originated 3000 years BC. Puppets were primarily used for entertainment but later developed as an information broadcasting medium. They look very appealing and catch attention of every age group. Puppets were also religiously significant. They were used in many rituals and ceremonies of tribal people and also in carnivals.

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Today, many different types of puppets are available in the market. These puppets are beautifully made of different figures and shapes. Jungle puppets are one of the most selling puppet figures. They are made of different materials like paper, cardboard, plastic sheets and wool. They are used in many schools for story telling purposes. With the use of these jungle puppets, children are more capable of learning poems and repeating them instantly.  Jungle puppets are also used in many animal rights organisations and animal protection programmes as mascots.

Puppets have always been a great source of entertainment and when these entertainment units are paired with education, they make a great combination. Amongst many selling puppet figures in the market, the bestselling animal puppets of all time are lion puppet, cow puppet, owl puppet, pig puppet, rabbit puppet, monkey puppet and elephant puppet. They can be played on fingers or arms depending upon the shape and size.

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