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Little Fingy donates 10% of all profits to charity and good causes (before we take a single penny as a wage for ourselves) as follows:


(Registered Charity Number 202918)


– Projects to help the Andean communities where the knitters live.

We make this donation to say ‘Thank you’ for their hard work and to    act as an incentive to keep up the good work. The money is for improving the quality of life for the knitters and their families by          improving community facilities in their villages. We have recently donated computers to the schools and bought desks for the school  children along with mattresses and blankets for the knitters.


– The Little Fingy FUNd
We donate our puppets to underprivileged and poorly children around the world and to children’s charities. This is to put a smile on    the faces of those less fortunate.



We also encourage sellers/retailers to contribute some or all of their profits from the sale of puppets to charity and good causes and we also selling Little Fingy Fundraising Packs to encourage fundraising for charity:

Can I Buy Xanax In Mexico

Buy Xanax Cod Buying Xanax Bars